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6 Ways to Add Pops of Color to Your Outfit

It’s an easy way to transform your look.

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Are you yearning for more color beyond the usual black, grey, and browns? While it’s common for neutrals to make up the base of our wardrobes, there’s an easy way to change things up. Adding a pop of color here and there makes a big difference, especially on days you want your outfit to feel special. We’ll show you how.

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Casual color upgrade 

We love jeans and a tee as much as the next person—it's a timeless combination that is comfortable and versatile. But to give your outfit a warm weather refresh, we suggest infusing some color into your outfit. Jeans in a shade of red is a bold way to make your outfit standout. Keep the rest of the outfit minimal with classic pieces like a striped tee, a chambray shirt overtop, and crisp white sneakers.

Weekend color coordinating 

When the weekend finally rolls around, it’s time to ensure your outfit is as fun as your days off. Stripes are a classic pattern, but what helps this shirt create a bold impact is the color story that it comes in. Using the playful pattern of the shirt as our inspiration, we decided to go with shoes in a coordinating shade. Just be sure to break up the colors with a pair of shorts in a neutral shade of stone.

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Polished looks with a flair 

Sport coats and work pants are wardrobe staples, and because you want to maximize the wear out of them it’s best to stick to neutrals that can be mixed and matched. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add pops of color elsewhere. A vibrant tie or matching pocket square is an easy and cost effective way to refresh your look. Match your tie and pocket square to double the color effect or contrast them for a fresh take. 

Ease into it

We totally understand if neutrals are your best friend—they’re a solid way to build a basic wardrobe. And that’s what we’re doing here, too. Start with classic staples like a white tee and a tan coat, then add color with socks or a winter beanie. Small accessories like these let you test the waters a bit before jumping into something more focal.

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colorful socks

Find your match

Whether you have some already—or have been wanting to grab a pair—colorful sneakers are everywhere. If your Nikes feel too athletic for casual wear, try something laid-back, like Vans or Chucks. And once you’ve settled on a pair of sneaks, coordinating is easy. Simply match a patterned scarf or hat, and you’re all set.

Tee it up

Instead of tossing on a neutral tee, go for one in a bold color. When complemented by an accessory in a different shade of the same hue, it’s a modern take on multicolor. Ground the rest of the look in classic black. It’ll give you yet another way to wear your go-to moto and lace-up boots.

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